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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

No More Waiting

Tomorrow is the day. In a little over 24 hours I will be signing the paperwork and we will own our apartment. My boyfriend informed me that he bought me a mop last night:

Haan Steam Mop in White (Model SI-35)

Shortly thereafter I bought this thermostat:

Honeywell Thermostat (Model RTH7600D)

He bought me the mop in the color that I would have picked (white) over lime green or bright red. And yes, I see the humor: my boyfriend bought me a mop. However, it has 4.5+ star reviews, it's compact which is great for our tiny 650 square feet space, and it will sanitize the floor without the use of harsh chemicals. I picked out the thermostat for him because he wanted a touch screen, it is programmable for different times of the day and for vacations, and because our current thermometer looks like this which probably means it's from the 1980's or earlier:

Super Old Thermostat

The best part of finishing the buying process is going to be ending interaction with my real estate agent and lender. Throughout this experience neither has been helpful or consistent. In the future I plan on being more careful and discerning when deciding who to work with. I've received so many "final" numbers and changed meeting times that my head is spinning. Soon it will all be over.

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