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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Little Johnstone

This past weekend I was going through some old pictures that I found under my bed (during the big organization project I wrote about briefly here and that I will write about in detail later) and I found one that I particularly love. I picked up this black frame at Target to put it in. 

Target Black Frame 5x7 - $9.99

I decided to put it next to the TV on the new media console.

Can you see who is in the photograph yet?

The photo is of me, my Grammie, Uncle Don, and my brother in the foreground being very pouty. I love this picture. He was probably a little upset because the mosquitoes were so bad. I vaguely remember this day. Notice I have a mosquito hat on, so I'm all smiles. We were trekking around Little Johnstone Bay in Alaska where my Uncle Don has a cabin. I don't remember who took this photo, but I'm sure someone in my family knows.


  1. oh, I know that picture well! Can you believe, though, that I have never been to Little Johnstone Bay? I may have flown over it with Don, can't remember..may just think that because I've seen so many pictures. Quite sure I haven't been on the ground there.

    If I had to bet, I would say your Aunt Mary took this pic.....

  2. It's pretty there for sure!