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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Skeleton Key!

Since I read every single Nancy Drew as a child, I've always been interested in mysterious things like old photographs! and hidden rooms! and secret passageways! and secrets!

At some point I heard about the concept of a "skeleton key" which of course I took literally.

Skull (somehow the entire skeleton dropped out at some point) + Key = Skeleton Key!

Although I later learned through much frustration that it was not in fact as I pictured! A skeleton key was really just a key that could open many doors. Arrghh! Much less creepy! But this gets me to my 650 square feet related point. I want to be able to lock/unlock my bedroom door and bathroom door with a key. Why? Because it would be COOL.

I have old glass doorknobs on both doors. They have keyholes. So far so good! I just need a key. I did some research online and found this thread

It sounds like you can go to Home Depot and buy a skeleton key that might work.
Home Depot sells skeleton keys. We recently needed a second key for a lock like that (60 years old) and the one we bought at HD worked perfectly.
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It MIGHT work? Well, you know I'm game. So I guess sometime soon I will be exploring the fine world of locksmithing. What's that? You think I should just grout the other side of my kitchen? YOU'RE NO FUN.

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