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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Bathroom Plan

I've been making plans for the bathroom lately. I recently had a bathroom renovation quote completed by a local construction company and of course I purchased a new medicine cabinet. (It's sitting in the closet.) Medicine cabinets are difficult to install. It will require removing the old one so that I can look inside the wall cavity and see where the studs are. Then I will have to make a joist like so:

I am determined to install it myself, though. I know I can do it. As far as the quote goes, well, let's just say they hit it out of the ballpark. In a bad way. So instead I'm concentrating on the things that I can do myself. I made the mood board below for inspiration. A lot of these items I already own. I am going to get new hand towels and a new rug, however. I've already ordered the tub and shower faucets; they are Marielle by Pfister in Nickel. I am going to order the sink faucet (also Nickel) from Overstock as soon as they send out their next 10% off coupon.

Bathroom Plan

Bathroom Plan by louko on

You might be thinking, "Why the heck is there a pillowcase?" That's because I used Anthropologie's Fred Shand Cloud Sprigs pillowcases as curtains. I got them on sale last December for $15.

This is what the window looked like before while I was temporarily repurposing a curtain from an apartment I had in college:

I also upgraded my shower curtain hardware. Here are the old rings:

And the new ones, from Target. They match the glass doorknobs in my condo.

Here's a list of where the items in my bathroom inspiration board can be purchased:


  1. I WAS wondering why there was a pillowcase - I just figured you liked the pattern. I love it! You are so clever. I haven't seen that curtain, so that means we are overdue for a visit!!