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Friday, June 1, 2012

Splish Splash I Was Takin' a Bath

Over memorial day weekend I rode horses, saw a beautiful sunset on a mountain, and I made some upgrades to the bathroom. Ha-ha!

To be accurate, my boyfriend (I think I've decided to just call him Ant from here on out, because calling him my boyfriend takes more typing.) installed a bathroom sink faucet and I installed the new showerhead. The faucet was the first thing done, so I'll start there.

I picked up this faucet from Overstock a few weeks back for about $50 shipped (no tax). (Remember the Bathroom Plan?)

Overstock Satin Nickel Classic Two Handle Bathroom Faucet

Pretty! Perfect to replace the yucky faucet that was there when I moved in, complete with plastic handles...

Bathroom with Old Faucet (and old medicine cabinet!)

I considered a few other types of faucets before landing on my favorite one including the cross-handle kind and the kind with porcelain handles. While that would have been a vintage-look that would fit with the age of the condo, I thought it looked cheesy. Many of the features in the condo are very cheap, take the basic square white tile in the bathroom for example. So I have to be careful to not make those features stand out - I want them to sort of blend into the background.

So anyway, back to installation! Ant did it all, and he was awesome. He had one set back when he stuck his finger down the drain and something bit him. Luckily I had pickle band-aids so he felt better quickly. Ha-ha!

Seriously I have no idea what happened. I guess sharp things live in drains? Who knew. But I knew that as I watched his finger go down the drain, I thought, "Hm. I would not do that." But I am not a smart-ass, so I didn't say anything! Just kidding, I am a smart ass. But I still didn't say anything.

With the old faucet off, it was time to clean. Not surprisingly that was my job. Ha-ha!

Dirty Sink & Old Faucet

Clean-ish Sink!

It was so gross. The before and after is kind of remarkable. All of that nasty gunk came off! This makes me think that this is why you caulk around I guess I should caulk around the new one? I haven't yet. I am sure it will take me five months like the kitchen sink did.

Sink with Drain Removed

Here is where you insert all of the energy Ant had to put into unscrewing the old pipes/water tube thingys because they hadn't been touched in what appeared to be many years. And then you end up with the lovely finished product!

Finished Product! Look at that fancy new drain, too.

Not only does this new faucet look better, it also works better. The old one would sort of turn off unexpectedly if you didn't turn the handle far enough around.

Next was the new showerhead. I actually had an entire set for the shower/tub area, but I realized that the installed brand was a Moen and I had bought Price Pfister (my choice for the kitchen sink faucet as well). The set actually came with a new valve thingy, but I (and Ant) did not want to attempt that nonsense. I know my limits...SORT OF. So we decided to just use the showerhead which seemed pretty universal and send back the other parts. The Moen handle/tub spout is arriving from Amazon sometime next week.

Pfister Marielle Shower Trim

Here's the Moen handle/spout that are on their way...

Moen Brantford

The showerhead was a PAIN to install. A total freaking nightmare. For some reason the pipe in the wall would not meet the pipe at the end of the showerhead to screw in. It took literally hours of trying. I worked on it for over three hours after Ant went back home at the end of the weekend. When I got it to screw in finally I was cross eyed and my arms hurt from holding up the pipe that probably only weighs less than a pound. It had just been such a long time holding it up. I ended up putting a ladder in the bathtub so I could get myself closer to the pipe in the wall, and because I was tired of standing on the edges of the tub.

But it was worth it. The new showerhead looks awesome and works great! I can't get the little metal "O" piece to get flush with the tile wall because of the way that the pipe bends. I have to think about that. Suggestions?

It Worrrrrks!

The showerhead is raincan style, which is supposed to mimic an old fashioned outdoor shower (I think). I really like it. (And I even checked inside the wall for bet I did, ha-ha! I ain't no plumber.)

With the new medicine cabinet and "trim" (I learned that new plumbing fixtures in the bathroom are called trim...) I think the plain old white tiles take a backseat in this room, in a very good way.

Next up I've got to install the new tub/shower handle and tub faucet, when they arrive. That should be a quick pop off/pop on kind of deal. After that...a new toilet! I am very afraid to install a new toilet. I mean, let's face it, that involves poop. Should I even try it?


  1. Wow - so proud of you!! You can install the toilet - the only problem is you might need to move the drain back toward the wall? If you put a new toilet down exactly on top of where the old one was, I don't think it's a big deal. Of course, you are talking to the woman who attempted some toilet maintenance 10 minutes before dinner guests arrived. I didn't even think to turn off the water first and so was drenched with 'toilet water' (ok, it came out of the wall, so it was clean at least!)...ugh, still - and cold!

    Your bathroom is looking good - I like the white tile, but that's just me!

  2. oh and poor Ant! Home maintenance is a dangerous business!

  3. I'm not going to attempt moving the drain back unless there's some easy way I don't know about. I wonder how much that would cost. I also wonder how I could remove the radiator!

  4. Jake is here with me telling me how to do comments. This is my comment : have you stopped blogging?? Grammie

  5. Grammie, I promise to blog soon. Just been busy!