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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Lists are Fun

Today is my last day in Alaska, and I've gotten a ton of stuff done for my dad. Here are some lists of what I've accomplished over the past week:

House Stuff (although some of it is work stuff too):
  • Installed Apple TV with login to Netflix for streaming movies and TV shows
  • Signed up for faster internet speed
  • Signed up for an Apple iTunes account for buying apps on iPhone
  • Resolved voicemail password issue
  • Organized contacts and account information in iPhone
  • Created online banking accounts
  • Setup a financial account
  • Installed cup pulls and knobs in the kitchen (22 drawers and 15 doors)
  • Installed a kitchen backsplash
  • Refinanced mortgage
  • Purchased new stainless steel garbage can for kitchen/moved old garbage can to laundry room
  • Organized part of the garage/threw away three car loads of boxes/garbage
  • Vacuumed
  • Moved books to upstairs library
  • Sewed patches onto three pairs of pants and new buttons onto one shirt
  • Ordered three new shirts from J. Crew and bought some clothes in town (for dad)
  • Hung up house numbers on tree at the beginning of the driveway
  • Covered up "Keep Out" sign with a much nicer sign (also at the beginning of the driveway)
Work Stuff:
  • Setup new point of sale computer
  • Setup point of sale area with backup battery surge protector and cord cover (no tripping!)
  • Put together desk in new office
  • Setup computer in new office
  • Assembled shelving
  • Cleaned and organized
  • Organized gift and card for an employee leaving the state
Now I am super tired and I hope I can sleep on the plane. I get back home tomorrow morning and then I have work on Monday. School on Wednesday. Back to it.


  1. I'm here with your mom = overwhelmed by your activity!! Your dad must be ecstatic. Your mom says what does she have to do to get this kind of service!! heehee

  2. There's actually a huge project I accidentally left off that I'll post about later. I organized and shipped off his entire 8mm film collection to be digitized. And the reason I don't do this for mom is because she doesn't ask! Lol