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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Super 8

I realized a few days ago that I forgot to mention one of the projects I tackled on my last Alaska trip earlier this month. My dad has been storing a set of 30 film reels from the 1950s-1960s for decades. I got them out, dusted them off, labeled them carefully, and shipped them off to to be converted to a digital format. I can't speak to how good that service is yet, because it takes them up to three weeks to finish. I ordered DVDs for my dad and a Mac compatible flash drive with digital copies so I can burn him additional copies easily.

Organizing the tapes was difficult because the only really reliable source of information on what they contained was from handwriting on the film reel boxes - and some of the boxes were blank with no notes. So I tries to go off of the development dates and the style of the boxes. You can see how Kodak evolved its box style over the years in the picture below!

8mm Film Collection

I am really excited to see all of the home movies, but a few reels really caught my eye. Some of them feature one of my dad's family cabins out in the woods of Arkansas, and my dad has so many stories of how magical it was that I can't wait to see it myself! It sounds like an awesome summer camp. Another reel was labeled "Six Flags" which just sounds too cool. Six Flags 40+ years ago?! Awesome.

When my dad gets the movies back I will let you know how it all turns out.


  1. Me either. The last email I received from the company said that the videos were in the queue and ready to be processed...

  2. A long time ago I read a book that your dad loaned me -- don't remember the name or author -- but it really did sound like a 'magical' place.