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Monday, July 16, 2012

Schoolhouse Style Light Fixtures

Ever since I fell in love with Schoolhouse Electric's lights, I've been convinced that I MUST put a schoolhouse style semi flush mount fixture in the kitchen. And I'm still convinced. I found quite a few cute and more affordable knockoffs on the internet. Wayfair has this guy for a little over $80. Apparently Wayfair HAD a schoolhouse fixture, but it appears to be gone. Sooo never mind that. 

Many sites have options that are closer to Schoolhouse's prices - $120 to $200.

Restoration Hardware $199

Rejuvenation $124

I also found this one from Home Depot for a bit over $50:

Home Depot $52.20

I figured that would be my best choice. Although it's not as cute as the Wayfair option (which I couldn't show you because it's GONE!), it's a bit bigger which may fit better in the space, it's $30 cheaper, and it's sold by Home Depot which has a brick and mortar presence in my area - that means easy returns if it doesn't work out. I don't want to have to return ship something that is breakable.

Since I have been storing the enamel paint (that I'm planning to use to mimic the stripes on the fixture below) in my closet for awhile, I decided to order the Home Depot fixture and get started on this project.

Schoolhouse Electric $185

It's taken me months to make a decision on this. Ha. I've been considering attempting to copy the globe with the gray stripes below instead of the multi-colored stripes.

Schoolhouse Electric Gray Stripes

Another thought is that I could paint light green stripes in the same style as the gray globe (thicker stripes). What do you think? Here's a photoshop mock up of what I'm thinking:

Photoshopped by Me

But now that I see the green, I don't really like it. So maybe blue will work:

Photoshopped by Me

I like the blue better. Here are some photos of the current kitchen light so you can see what I'm replacing:

Current Kitchen Light

Current Kitchen Light Fixture

Here's a terrrrible photoshop job of what it might sort of look like (ha ha!):

Poorly Photoshopped Kitchen Light
After seeing that I'm thinking it's going to be very smart indeed to buy a light fixture that I could return to Home Depot. Because I have no clue how this is going to turn out!


  1. Anthony said the blue striped globe looks like the AT&T logo and I couldn't agree more...haha.

  2. OM! You could make the stripes thick to thin like the logo! that would be too funny!

  3. Why not do multi-color like the Schoolhouse Electric?