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Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas at the Condo

I really like to decorate for Christmas. I usually put up my decorations on Thanksgiving weekend in November. This was my first year decorating in the new condo.

Here's my stocking, that I've had since I was little: 

And two more tiny little stockings...

And I have candles with wintery scents. The one below is from Target and it smells like a wood stove.

And this one from Yankee Candle smells like a Christmas tree (and has a Santa Claus topper). 

Good thing I have the Christmas tree candle because I use fake trees now. Not really for any good reason, because I love real trees. But my fake trees are nice too. My first tree is Dr. Seuss inspired (it makes me think of Whoville). 

And my second tree is traditional green with gold and red ornaments. Some of which were made for me last year by my cousins!

Here's a picture of the tree before finals were over (studying). Oh, and nutcrackers!

And another nutcracker.

Oh, and a fancy gold pinecone left outside my door by an anonymous neighbor. 

Here's a full view of the tree. Whoops, not all of the presents are wrapped (don't look)!

And things are getting wrapped...

All done!

And I thought it was so cute that Roomba the vacuum was trying to open the gifts. Except then he ate one (seriously). I had to rewrap it.

And last (but really first...) here's the wreath on the door. Made with $1 packs of mini ornaments from Target. I love mini wreaths (weird I know, I have one for every season).

Merry Christmas!

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