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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Young Woods Love

Ok, the title of this blog post is a strange joke. It is a play off of the Young House Love blog because my boyfriend and I like to pretend that we are campers even though we probably really aren't. Anyway, this weekend was the craziest by far in the history of condo ownership. And yes, I mean in the history of all condo ownership by everyone everywhere in all of history.

I ripped down my tile backsplash in the kitchen. Really if you've ever done something like this then you know I need not say more. It was an insane idea. The resulting wall (if you can call it a wall) was really quite frightening. It's doing better now thanks to cement (yes, cement) and dry spackle.

So right now my sink is disconnected and actually backwards, for some reason. It doesn't matter. I have a microwave and a fridge. It's aaaaalllll good.

The good news is that I have a new sink, new faucet, and new countertops. The only catch is that they are all sitting on the living room floor.

He he he!

The other good news is that my boyfriend and I survived. Even though there was a circular saw involved.

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