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Monday, December 12, 2011

The Consequences of Chipping a Tile off of your Kitchen Wall

Whoops, now I have to remodel the kitchen!
Renovating the kitchen has been on my to-do list for the condo since day one. I knew I didn't like the large square white tile backsplash and gray laminate countertops. With a little work, I grew to appreciate my cute pint-sized appliances. But the countertops and backsplash have always had to GO. I never thought I would be working on renovating the kitchen so soon. Let alone this very month! But sometimes that's how DIY happens. You know, it just sort of happens.

On Thursday of last week I planned out my vision for the kitchen just for fun. Luckily my vision was realistic and didn't involve any changes to the layout or super expensive things like appliances. I knew I wanted new countertops (solid wood butcher block in a medium color - just nothing too light, like birch), a new sink (white rather than stainless steel, and deeper), a new faucet (any faucet would be better than the super cheapo Glacier Bay model that was there), and a new tile backsplash. Plus all of the supplies it would take to DIY all of these elements.

First things first, the wood countertops. I wanted wood because I think it looks warm and sort of old fashioned, and thanks to ikea, it's quite affordable. So that's how all of this madness started - a trip to ikea for countertops and a sink. Later there was the fateful chipping of the tile off the wall, but I'll get to that backsplash later. So I picked out the Numerar countertops in oak. I also liked beech, but they are infamous for being out of stock all across the country most of the time. They're very popular. Anyway, here are mine:

And the sink, Domsjo:

Except my sink does not have the overflow hole, I had to purchased the drain separately, and the price is different than what the picture links to (click the sink to see it on Ikea's website). This is me shrugging.

The countertops fit just fine in the back of my Prius. The Prius can hold anything! (Probably not an elephant.)

The sink on top of the countertops

So after the Ikea purchases, we measured, measured, and measured again. Then we introduced them to a circular saw! Muhahaha. All that and more in part 2! To be continued!


  1. ooohhh...I can't wait for Part 2! Should we have been taking pictures???

  2. I have a lot of pictures, I think it's ok!