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Friday, September 30, 2011

Making Peace with Paint

I've decided to embrace the act of picking out wall paint colors and try to enjoy it. As I've written previously, paint colors stress me out JUST A TAD. But I think if I can learn to have fun with it, renovating this condo will be a much more rewarding experience.

And I only have one more room to paint. Hey, I never said all of my goals were challenging.

The last room left to paint is the kitchen. My only guidelines for picking out a color is that it's got to flow well with the purple living room (haha) and be conducive to brightening up the space, since it's not exactly a spacious kitchen by any stretch of the imagination. No, my kitchen is cute. My initial thought was a pale yellow, but my boyfriend is convinced it will wash away into the all white backsplash. I want to say, we want to change the backsplash anyway, and who cares? But instead of actually saying that I will explore some color options through the wonderful inspiration that the Internet provides.

Pale yellow looks nice. I already have a paint sample in a color similar to this - Cornerstone by Behr. (Described by someone on the internet as 'pale cream with a bit of yellow.') Here's a picture of Behr's cornerstone in someone's entryway:

Hmm. In order to emulate the kitchen above, I might have to go with a bit richer yellow than Cornerstone.

This deeper yellow could also work.

I am loving this super pale blue, but I'm afraid it will look too much like our bathroom. The bathroom is an entire living room/hallway away though, so maybe it would work?

Here's an example of how pale-on-pale or white-on-white can look great, and not washed out at all (in my opinion).

I think my favorite color so far are the shades of yellow...we shall see! Right now the kitchen is already yellow, but it's a more mustardy variety. Here's a picture of the kitchen right now:

Notice the lovely new cup pulls! I just think that yellow is tooooooo yellow. Know what I mean?


  1. That's almost the color of our kitchen! You are also welcome to borrow our grey paint to try out. We borrowed it from our neighbor and tried it. Can't believe the purple!

  2. Sorry, who are you? Your name says 'author' which confuses my delicate brain.

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  4. You're my mom, right? Hahaha. Wait if you're not that would be really creepy that I guessed you are. Anyway which color is your kitchen? The bottom picture is the kitchen presently and the color I am trying to avoid.