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Monday, September 19, 2011

(work * 2) + school + condo = busy

Today I have a meeting with a previous employer about some part-time work. I am so excited because I really enjoyed the work we did in the past. It was a lot of web design, book cover design, and editing. I learned loads, and I was able to be graphically artistic - something I am and have been unable to do in most of my jobs. With school, two jobs, and renovating this condo, I am a bit overwhelmed. But I think there is nothing better than staying busy. Plus, how else am I going to pay for all of the things that I'm dreaming of purchasing for this condo (and maybe just myself)?!

Tolix Marais Metal Stool at Design Within Reach $108/each

Mushroom Picking Chemise at Anthropologie $58

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