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Friday, September 23, 2011

Red Box vs. Red Envelope

This month two movies I am super excited to see are on Red Box:

Something Borrowed
Jane Eyre

I stopped using Netflix because I could never remember to watch the movies I received in the mail, let alone return them! So I would end up receiving maybe two Netflix movies a month and watching only one of them. Bummer! With Red Box I can pick up a movie whenever I really feel like watching one and take it back when I am running errands anyway. This saves me money because my Netflix account was around $10/mo, and renting a movie with Red Box is only $1/movie. I watch far fewer than 10 movies a month anyway. You can even pick a kiosk near you and reserve a movie online, then go and pick it up within the same day.

Please note that I was not asked to write this review, nor did I receive any compensation. I just like Red Box. But, if you do use the links above to visit Red Box and decide to rent a movie or game, I will receive one free rental. Yay!

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