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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

2011 & Resolutions in Review

Every year I make a huge list of resolutions and goals. (You can see my 2012 list here.) For 2011, I set 22 goals. Here's an overview of what I accomplished, and what I didn't. The struck out items are those that I did not complete.

  1. Ski. I didn't even come close to going skiing in 2011. Although I did visit my dad in Alaska in March, and it was snowing.
  2. Try a juice diet. I bought a Breville juice fountain in July and I did successfully try out a juice diet. It was interesting, delicious, and partially disgusting.
  3. Sew. I managed to sew a lot last year. I sewed a few upholstery related items as well as a ton of pillows.
  4. Complete four commercial websites. Ummm, did not happen.
  5. Learn another language. I learned my numbers in French, but other than that, FAIL.
  6. Send birthday cards. Fail.
  7. Get a massage. Fail again.
  8. Visit a new place, or see new parts of an old place. This was a pretty open ended goal and I definitely completed it. 
  9. Go on a trip with my boyfriend. We went to Universal Studios at the end of the year!
  10. Buy a nice bag for work. I was given a nice bag for work. It isn't Yves Saint Laurent, but it got the job done all year. 
  11. Continue to run. By the end of 2010 I could run 2.75 miles without stopping. Now I can run 4.1 miles without stopping (that's a mile over a 5k run). 
  12. Move. I certainly did move.
  13. Get rid of, sell, or give away all of the stuff I don't need in the attic. Failure to the max!
  14. Put up mini-wreaths for seasons and holidays. This has become a weird tradition of mine!
  15. Build an iPhone app. Fail.
  16. Read at least one book per month. I completely owned this goal. I now read almost as much as I did when I was younger.
  17. Cook and bake more for others. I did bake and cook a lot this year. Mostly only for myself and my boyfriend though.
  18. Find a new TV show. I found soooo many shows I like. Shameless is my favorite from 2011.
  19. See a play. I did see a play this year, the Grinchmas at Universal Studios. It was a Christmas play and I saw it after Christmas, so it wasn't that great. But I still completed the goal, right?
  20. Be congenial and flexible. I have no idea if I completed this goal. I guess this year I should try to be more self-reflective?
  21. Organized all paper ephemera. I sort of did this. But not really.
  22. Buy something by Lauren Moffatt. Whoops. I went a little overboard on this one and now I have a dress, two coats (one was a gift), and a skirt. Heh heh.
Overall I completed 16/22 goals (that's 73%). Not bad. 

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