Kitchen Living Room

Monday, January 30, 2012

Mark 'Em & Cut 'Em

As you can probably imagine, everything does not always go as planned in the world of DIY. For example, I did not plan on washing my tile marking pencil with a load of laundry and effectively destroying said laundry in the process.

But, what can you do? Just scrub the gooey black marks off of your dryer and try again.

So that lesson brings me to better news, which is that I've slowly but surely been having all of the difficult tiles cut by various Lowe's employees. I've been having them cut in batches because quite honestly, I get tired of standing in my kitchen and measuring. I want RESULTS! So I measure a little and have a little cut. Take home. Install. Repeat. Repeat again. But I'm finally on my final batch, which I intend to take to Lowe's tonight after work.

Oh and also, actually acquiring more tile of the same kind has been a bit of a struggle. Since I bought every piece from the Lowe's closest to my house, they haven't bothered to restock. So I've been getting more tiles when I stay with my boyfriend in his city.

After this last batch is cut and installed, then it is time to move on to the grouting! Here are my tiles, ready to be cut:

By the way, if you want to DIY anything, I am always all for it. However, in my experience, the self tile cutters do notttttt work. This is the one I tried out:

I purchased it for $20 at Lowe's. Yeah. I took it back shortly after breaking approximately 10 tiles. So that just goes to show, sometimes it's better to leave things to the professionals!


  1. Tile cutting, is, apparently, tricky business. I think Mike's professional cutter would have worked..if only he knew who he'd loaned it to! haha! Nice that Lowe's is so close to you.

    They may be phasing out your tile and not going to ever restock it. Which means buying a few extra sheets and stashing them under the sink is a good idea. That way, if you ever have a mishap and crack or break a tile on the wall, you can do a repair job. I wish we had more extra floor tile at our house...also, make a note of the exact grout you use so you can match it later if necessary. I wish I knew what grout was used on our floor...this is called "experience talking." ;-)

  2. Good idea. I saved some of the old kitchen wall backsplash tiles because they're the same kind used in the bathroom. I should have some extra subway tiles too. I'll have to check.