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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Kitchen Organization Sneak Peak!

After clearing the clutter from the kitchen, clutter consisting of items I don't use or won't ever use and garbage, I decided to get busy organizing what was leftover. My kitchen is very, very, very small, so making the most of the space is extremely important. Organization is especially important because I also happen to love food, baking, kitchen appliances, and the kitchen in general.

My cabinets are fairly shallow and reach very high to the ceiling. Combine that cabinet design with the fact that I love to keep various spices, small packages of esoteric ingredients, and my vitamins in the kitchen, and you get this:

A hodgepodge of containers that are disorganized, layered, and most of which are impossible to see. So I made a stop at the Container Store (which happens to be my mom's favorite store, I think) to see what kind of organizational tools they offer.

I first considered the 3-Tier Chrome Cabinet Organizer ($11.99) solution from the Container Store:

But I quickly realized that the shelving unit was simply too big for my tiny cabinets. Plus, anything on the top shelf (of the tiny shelf unit, where the oils are in the picture) would have to be very short.

So as an alternative, I opted for the this Single Turntable in 10" ($5.99):

The turntable is a mini lazy-susan that allows me to spin it easily so I can see what's on every part. I keep larger bottles in the middle so I can see them even though they are partially blocked by the shorter items.

And as an added bonus, the turntable takes up less room than the bottles did on their own, so I now have an extra portion of space to the left. 

More kitchen organization updates, coming soon!

Note: I (OF COURSE) price checked the turntable at various stores. They are carried at Target and sometimes go on sale for $5.09. Plus if you have a Red Card that's an extra 5% off. Home Depot and Lowe's carry the two-level turntable, but I haven't seen the single level unit that I have pictured here. Overall if you're looking for the best deal and you're going to be purchasing a lot of organizational items, the Container Store definitely has the best selection. So as far as gas & times savings, that's going to be your best bet (assuming you have one near you). Also, the Container Store offers a much greater variety of tiered shelving units if that's the direction you're going. Target has lots of tiered units, but their prices are about 25% higher. BUT, if you only have a Target near you, the Container Store's shipping prices most likely outweigh their lower item prices. So Target brick and mortar is probably going to beat the Container Store online.


  1. oh, I do love the Container Store! I have a dinner-plate sized turn table in my pantry and love it - I should probably use more of them, actually.

    When are you going to grout the kitchen tile? I'm excited to see the difference!!

  2. I still have one last set of tile to have cut at Lowe's before I can grout. I would just grout one side or the other, but I still have to add tile to BOTH sides of the kitchen.