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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Water World

I love technology. I love innovation. However, I definitely have an appreciation for the beauty and design of old things. So, not surprisingly, I bought a very old condo (built in the 1910s) rather than one of the many, many new builds that are available in my city. As a result there are some challenges that come with the age of the condo and its building. 

One challenge relates to water in the bathroom. All of the fixtures work fine, but there isn't a FAN. So the bathroom gets really, really wet. And it doesn't dry out.

In an attempt to remedy the problem, I usually take a shower with the window open, even if it is cold outside. That is unpleasant, and plus, it doesn't really work. When I leave a towel in the bathroom after I've used it, it never dries out. And the bathmat is always a bit damp. 

Until recently, I had not considered the obvious solution: a dehumidifier. I think I thought of it at one point, but I immediately dismissed the notion because dehumidifiers are usually quite big. And the bathroom in the condo is quuuuite small. Teensy tiny.

Then I found the Eva-dry Electric Petite Dehumidifier. I didn't even bother looking at the dimensions, I just searched for it online and read all of the reviews across multiple sites. Some people really love it, some people think it just doesn't work. I figured it was worth a try. I saw found out that Eva is sold at Home Depot brick and mortar stores for $39.95, so I went and picked it up. Much to my delight, I discovered that it is tiny, just like my itty bitty bathroom! Yay.

Now I have taken to calling it Eeeeva in the same voice that Wall-E uses when he calls out Eve's name.

I first set it up Sunday night. Here it is just after it was plugged in at about 9 pm:

Notice how it fits right on top of the toilet! It's so cute. And here it is again after it ran aaaaalll night long:

Notice that it already has a good bit of water in it! And again, when I got home from work:

Only a tiny bit more water had collected, so I decided to turn it off. I haven't taken a shower since I started using Eva, but I intend to take one tonight to find out how well it does. I plan to run Eva while I am showering and afterwards through the night. 

So far the bathroom feels much more dry than it ever has. 


  1. Eva is adorable! Interested to hear the update about how it performs during/after a shower.

    Running Eva will help with long term maintenance too, I bet, as moisture is not good for tile, wood, etc etc.

    1. Well, I did the experiment so I will be posting about it soon! I'm also going to let you know what happens when I run it for even longer than last time.