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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Year, (Some) New Goals

(Not all of these are condo-related! But I bolded the ones that are.)

Whenever I write down a list of goals at the beginning of the year, I usually accomplish way more of them than I think I will. It's pretty cool. So I'm doing it again this year, but this time I'm posting them to this blog!

1. Make decisions that support strong relationships. This might mean that I will do something that I do not want to do because that choice will inconvenience me while at the same it will support a relationship that I wish to improve.
2. Play games that I used to play when I was young. Examples include tag and hide & seek and capture the flag.
3. Make good grades in school.
4. Make new friends (this is a recurring goal for me each year). And one that I am extremely bad at.
5. Read lots of books (this is a freebie goal for me).
6. Make at least one big/scary/probably expensive upgrade to the condo. That might be a new toilet or replacing the rest of the windows.
7. Have a conversation in French (this goal scares me because I think it is very difficult).
8. Be more thoughtful and generous.
9. Keep running and become better at running. I can run a 5k fairly easily, and I think that is quite far enough. But I would like to be a faster and stronger runner.
10. Cook recipes out of the Skinny Dips book that my boyfriend bought me for Christmas.
11. Take the time to style my hair.
12. Maintain a natural household. Last year I fully transitioned to natural toothpaste, dish soap, hand soap, candles, deodorant (I make my own), shampoo, and conditioner. I also use a vinegar/borax mix to clean with. This year I could try natural laundry soap and dishwasher soap. I also stopped using manufactured feminine products last year and I use reusable, hand made, organic cotton products. It has saved me money and there are no health risks involved.
13. Do not fall prey to fashion trends. I am shocked that I don't have a pair of Toms shoes. I do however have gladiator sandals, Uggs, Hunter boots (two pairs!), and countless other trendy shoes. Gladiator sandals don't even look right on me! My somewhat frivolous (it's relative of course) shopping behavior has got to stop.
14. Similar to item 13, unsubscribe from all shop/sale emails. I've already begun and will unsubscribe as I receive emails from the companies.

(Little Subsection of) Furniture Goals:
15. Buy a bench or set of ottomans for the end of my bed.
16. Acquire or buy side chairs for the living room.
17. Employ 'table layering' techniques in the bedroom and living room. This is an approach to side tables that allows you to layer tables with varying heights in front of each other. 
18. Do something about the lack of a coffee table.

19. Paint the kitchen.
20. Decorate the floors (rugs) and the walls (art, shelving).
21. Setup a drink cart. I don't drink often, and I actually realized that I could easily and happily never drink alcohol again in my life, but I think having a drink cart is a welcoming and sweetly old-fashioned way to decorate a home.
22. Use my Delta sky miles to take a trip.
23. Encourage others to visit my new home in my city!
24. Start selling unused items on eBay again. I used to do this all of the time.
25. Get rid of or sell the items in the storage unit. I almost didn't write this goal because I dread it SO MUCH!

Usually my list of goals includes tons of items related to traveling, but since I am choosing to spend my money on grad school for the next three+ years, I have left most travel off the list (except of course item 22, which will be an inexpensive trip). To make up for it, I decided to add item 23 at the last minute. I think 2012 should be the year of others visiting me, or so I hope!

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