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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Almond Oil

Earlier this week I mentioned that I decided to go with toasty-tan for the kitchen wall paint. So I went over to Lowes (during the same trip that I had the extra difficult tiles cut for the backsplash by an employee with their in-store wet tile saw - more on that later) to pick out a paint color.

I found Almond Oil by Eddie Bauer paints and purchased a $3 sample.

The lighting in Lowes isn't super great for taking pictures, but Almond Oil is the paint swatch on top of my stack. Almond Oil is from their Ridgeline Cabin collection (but I'll probably just have it color matched to a less expensive brand of paint). 

Hopefully later this week I'll be able to put it up on the wall and try it on for size...I mean, for color.

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