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Thursday, January 5, 2012

No Paint Required

Thanks to my mom, I have a white dishwasher.

Check it out:

The dishwasher in black along with my Keds!

And the full kitchen view with the black dishwasher.

Blink once... and now the dishwasher is white!

All you have to do is slide out the front plastic piece and (hopefully) discover another color sheet stuck to the back.

Now you can change your dishwasher's color without paint. Although I do love spray paint. Maybe this takes all the fun out of it? But it sure is easy.

WHOA! Look closely and you will see a bit of the kitchen transformation that stretches a bitttt beyond the dishwasher. I just gave you a sneak peak of the new countertops and sink!

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  1. Wow. Every time I look at this kitchen I can't believe how much different it looks. Just shows what a little hard work and patience can get you.