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Friday, January 27, 2012

Dad's Bathroom

Later this year in March, I am going to visit my Dad in Alaska to help him with some organization and design at his house. He was inspired by a discussion we had about the Feng Shui book I recently read.

I was inspired to create this mood board that will help me design his bathroom area. I haven't discussed this space with him, and obviously that will be a critical step, so this is just going off of what I know about him and his house.

Having been to his house, I know that his bathroom is very cold due to the temperatures in Alaska and because the space has a lot of cold tile on the floor and vanity countertop. As a result, I picked a brown and green color scheme to warm it up. All of the items I picked out are from Target - except the wastebasket which is from the Container Store. (See the list at the bottom of this post for more information.)

Dad's Bathroom

Dad's Bathroom by louko on

I like the woven-style bath rug because I think it adds an extra dimension of warmth and texture to the room, more than your standard plush bath rug would. And while I can't actually see my dad using candles anywhere in his house, tea lights in the brown antiqued-glass style tea light containers would add color and decoration to the room. I envision these lined up or even clustered on the wide windowsill that overlooks the side yard.

Although I'm not sure if my dad uses bar soap or liquid hand soap at the sink, I think the green glass soap tray would make a great spot to put a watch, change, or whatever else might be emptied from pockets.

Finding a suitable trash can with a lid is often difficult. However, it is good form to always use wastebaskets with lids in the bathroom for privacy. I think the bronze trash can pictured above is perfect for the room, but one should always sacrifice a little style for functionality in this area.

Here's hoping my dad likes my ideas!

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  1. I think your dad will like the muted color scheme. I'm not sure about the tea lights. If he's really not going to use them, they'll just be dust collectors. Maybe you can add some color and decoration in another way, with something he'll really use? Some type of reading material holder is always a popular item in the bathroom! ;-)