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Monday, February 20, 2012

Boyfriend's Apartment

This past weekend I helped my boyfriend move into his new apartment. We used a lot of our old furniture from our old rental back when we lived together. I also brought him some things from our condo because I don't use everything since I'm usually by myself.

I made a mood board of sorts that contains all of the different rooms in one. The items represent things that I think we should pick up over time as we have the money available in order to fully complete the space. Some of the items (like the stuff I picked out for the deck) are more frivolous and unnecessary than others!

Boyfriend's Apartment by louko on

The freezer doesn't have any shelving, so I thought it would be helpful to get some inexpensive wire shelves from The Container Store. I've also added a kitchen towel and small rug to place at the sink.

The bathroom is pretty much finished since we added a shower curtain and towels. It already has a perfectly suitable rug. So, I added a toothbrush holder and q-tip container.

Living Room
The living room needs a bookshelf and a nice upholstered ottoman to use as a coffee table. I also added a candle.

The deck already has plenty of furniture along with a fire pit that we had at our old rental house. I added outdoor cushions and pillows for the existing furniture, solar-powered string lights from Ikea, and a cute little tea light lantern.

The bedroom is pretty small, but obviously I'm used to that. We have one nightstand, but we could really use another. The current one is 29" tall which is unusually tall for a nightstand, so I actually had to search "telephone stands" or "phone stands" to find something tall enough. The lamp is to use on top of the second nightstand and the little storage bins are for the closet to organize socks.

Here's a list of where I found everything. I "shopped" at Target, World Market, Ikea, and The Container Store. 

IKEA Solvinden
$20 -

IKEA Jonsbo Egby
$20 -

IKEA Grenö
$15 -

IKEA Lillholmen
$4.99 -

IKEA Rotera
$3.99 -

$2.99 -

home candle at Target
$2.99 -

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