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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Blind Cleaning

Blinds get really, really dirty.

And I haven't bothered to clean any of mine at the condo since I moved in. It's just not something I think about. That and cleaning the floors. I clean the kitchen and the bathroom, but blinds and floors? I just don't do it that often.

In an attempt to remedy my lack of blind-cleaning, I bought a gadget from the Container Store. It's a mini blind cleaner. I have to tell you, I do not usually buy gadgets. I don't like to spend money on useless stuff, and I don't like clutter. But I got this anyway.

Was it worth it? Well, not really. It was only a few dollars, but it gets dirty really fast, which I think is a pain. I couldn't even clean an entire window's worth of blinds without it becoming unusably (is that a word?) dirty.

It's still pretty cool though. And it least I tried.

Maybe I'll try again later? Yea...right.


  1. Floors are my nemesis...interesting. I don't have any blinds. When I did have them (and for the ones in the rental) I take them down completely and wash them in the bathtub once every year or so. It's a huge pain, but the easiest way I know to really clean them. Maybe if they got dusted monthly that would help too?

    I also have broken my 1,300 sf house up into four sections and each section pops up on my task list every three months. Then I focus on that section that theory. For example, February is master bedroom/bath month; March is deck/dining room month.

    I do turn all my clothes hangers backwards once a year, too, and put them back front-wise after I've worn the clothing. Then at the end of a year (which also pops up in my task list) I can see what I've not worn.

    Hurray for It's my palm pilot substitute! I LOVE being organized and don't like gadgets and clutter, either!

  2. I like the clothes hanger idea. I don't need to do it though because I know exactly what I have and have not worn. I just choose to look away. I'm trying to pare down my clothes, but it's hard. I got rid of maybe a dozen things (including some shoes) last month. Gotta try again soon in April after my trips. It's easier for me if I know someone to give the clothes to or if I can sell them on eBay. Those I know who wear my size don't like my style of clothing though. Actually, let me know if you ever think of someone who wears my size and likes my clothes. I could come up with some stuff to give away I'm sure.

  3. Oh! And my blinds are so stinking long they would not come close to fitting in the bathtub. Hah.

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