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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Done and Done!

Weeeeee gottttttt ittttttt! Shortly after my post yesterday that I wrote out of pure nervousness in an attempt to distract myself, my boyfriend called me up. He said, "I have a key in my pocket!"

I still haven't seen the place yet, but I have fully stalked it on Google maps.

It does indeed have a supplied washer and dryer and supposedly it is really clean and cute. The landlord's approximation of 500 square feet was way off according to my boyfriend. That comes as a bit of a relief. I was still excited, but 150 fewer feetsies than what we have at our condo is a bit teensies. So no worries in the space department. Unless you count outer space! Aliens! Wait, what?

It has a tiny kitchen with separate bedroom and bathroom. And a laundry room closet thingy. And a bedroom closet. I can't wait to start moving our old furniture in (what we didn't sell on craigslist last summer is in storage right now).

Anyway once I actually see it for myself I will show you too!

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