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Monday, February 6, 2012

The Return of the Cup Pulls

I just can't get enough of the satin nickel hardware! As you read previously here, I changed out the hardware in the kitchen on the drawers from knobs to satin nickel cup pulls. Now I've done the same thing on the other side of the kitchen. 

There are two 'fake drawers' in front of the sink. I thought they looked a little bare:

(Notice that one of the pictures above is before the renovations, and the other was taken during the renovations. The renovations that are still going on, by the way.)

So I decided to add cup pulls on that side of the kitchen as well to make it look a little more finished. I discovered partway through the process, read: after I had already drilled a hole in the wood, that I couldn't get the long screws up behind the board to go into the cup pull because the sink was in the way. Whoops. So I ended up just gluing them on with liquid nails. Normally I wouldn't ever consider such a cop-out solution, but since these handles are just for show and they won't ever actually be used, I figured it would work OK. And, so far so good! Here they are:

And here's a picture to show you how I can keep it real:

Ewww messy kitchen during renovations!! I think the fake drawers look much better now!

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