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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Deck with a View

After refreshing craigslist for a solid day since my last post, I found a potential rental! The monthly rent is reasonable and it's close enough to downtown and shopping to be accessible by bike (meaning my boyfriend can still bike to work). Plus it has a dishwasher! Woo hoooooo.

It's a duplex and the landlord lives on site. That could be weird, but it's a great little place overall. I haven't actually seen it yet, but it sounds perfect. It's positively tiny inside according to the listed square footage (I'm used to that!) with a large deck, washer and dryer, and plenty of parking for both of our cars.

The downside is that it has carpet (I prefer hardwood floors) but the upside is that the carpet is brand new. I can't wait to hear back after my boyfriend checks it out. I already have half of the dishes packed up to bring him.

I should probably reel in my high hopes a little bit. Stay tuned!

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