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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Lenda Hand With These Curtains, Will Ya?

Bad Ikea puns aside, I figured it was high time I talked a little bit about the window curtains in the living room! You can see them in this picture:

They're from Ikea and they're called Lenda. They cost $29.99 for a two pack and include hem tape and tie backs. The tops of the curtains are tabbed and look like this:

I didn't want the living room curtains to look that way, so I just folded under each tab and sewed all the way along the curtains in a straight line. Easy-peasy. I also didn't use the hem tape because I don't own an iron. (Ew, ironing is boring!) So I sewed the hems up too.

Ikea curtains are a pretty stinkin' good deal because they're so long. These curtains come in lengths as long as 118"! The drawbacks are probably what you'd expect - the fabric quality is so-so and there isn't a fantastic choice of designer patterns. You'll mostly find solid colors.

Here is what the curtains look in the daylight:

And here is a better view that includes the curtain rod and tops of the curtains:

The curtain rod is from Target and its color is oil rubbed bronze. I recommend curtains from Ikea because they're cheap, of adequate length for tall ceilings and big windows, and they get the job done! Looking at the picture above makes me realize how badly I need to add art to the walls...the to-do list never ends!

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