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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Sunday Reads

From DIY Diva (see article below)

Here I've listed a few articles I found interesting this week on the internet.

  • A Size 2 is a Size 2 is a Size 8: A brief history of women's clothing sizes - I know that I am confused by them!
  • Showdown Over "Showrooming": Often shoppers will go to brick and mortar stores to price compare and see an item in person before buying it online. Target is asking its manufacturers to produce products that are brick & mortar specific.
  • How to Make a Glass Jug Lamp: Kit from DIY Diva makes a lamp out of a glass jug. I actually bought the exact same lamp kit from Lowe's last weekend!
  • Is JC Penney the future of retail?: JC Penney released a new pricing structure. I started watching the company when they hired Ron Johnson (of Target and Apple fame) last year. 

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