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Thursday, February 23, 2012

New Lamp & Home Goods

Last week I continued to light up the living room with a new lamp from Home Goods. I can't actually link to the product because Home Goods doesn't do online shopping (e-commerce). 

Although you can't shop Home Goods online, you can check out their Customer Finds website where Home Goods shoppers post pictures of things they find in the stores. Sometimes the pictures are from inside the store and sometimes people post items styled in their homes. 

One day I was idly browsing the Wall Decor category when I saw a giant white pocket watch clock. I was like...Yes. This is amazing. So I looked to see where the poster was located: Texas. I didn't think it would be possible that my Home Goods, so far from Texas, would have the same clock (Home Goods stores carry a variety of items and every store is different since they stock overstock from other retail stores), but I decided to head out and give it a try.

And what do you know, the clock was there! At the first Home Goods I went to! And, it had a scratch, so I asked for an as-is price and the cashier gave me 10% off. So now I am the owner of a giant white pocket watch wall clock. And somewhere, in Texas, another Home Goods shopper has the same clock! Weird.

I love the Alice in Wonderland look it gives my bedroom.

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