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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Five Year Old Curtains

The new rental is starting to come together. This week we put up an old Target (from the Global Home line - they don't make it anymore) curtain from my dorm at Vanderbilt University in Nashville. (I was there for a summer for a research program.) Here's the bare window (can you tell it's a rental house?):

And now the window with the curtain:

It looks so much more homey in there now that the window has a curtain. The curtain is cream colored with gold accents. It's sorta hard to tell in the picture due to the lighting. Also, the design on the bedspread matches the curtain's design. It has a Moroccan inspired feel to it.

I really love the blue/green color scheme that just happened by accident. The green pillow and green-topped piano bench look great with my boyfriend's Anthropologie comforter on the bed.

Eventually I want to squish the bed over away from the window a bit so I can fit another nightstand in there. Not having a nightstand is a drag!

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