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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Edward is Dead

You heard that right. Remember Edward? Here he is in case you forgot:

Well, he bit the dust. I got him at Anthropologie for $10 (I know, a total ripoff). Anyway, good news is that I took him back and was given a full refund. Since he broke after just a few short weeks of normal use!

I picked up a new knob for only $3:

This guy doesn't have a name. I think he's long sold out from Anthropologie's clearance section. Too bad.

I did like Ed, but this guy was a heck of a lot cheaper. And he's held up pretty well so far. 

Kudos to Anthrpologie for taking responsibility for defective products and giving me a full refund!

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  1. I christen the new guy "Ward" since he came after "Ed." I think Ward is even better looking than Ed!