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Monday, April 16, 2012

Bedroom Curtain Quest

I finally put up one out of two of the curtain rods in the bedroom, so I am on a hunt for curtains. You're probably thinking, oh, lazy! But my walls are made of plaster so putting anything into them is an epic battle.

My quest started at, surprise, Anthropologie. But even their curtains on sale are set at cringe-worthy prices. I do have to credit them with having looooong curtains at a max length of 108". The Colossal Dots curtains below are $198. That's $198 per panel. Let me do the math for you. $198 x 2 windows x 2 panels per window = $792. Ha. Ha.

Colossal Dots Curtain

The curtains below are a measly $208 per panel.

Mod Honeycomb Curtain

Another look I liked was pom-poms along the edges, as in these curtains:

Toorie Curtain

And they are only, ONLY $108 per panel. Ha. Ha. Here's a close-up of the pom-poms:

Luckily we have such a place as Ikea from which we can buy affordable curtains that do not simultaneously delight and frighten us with their beauty and price level. I was imagining buying these plain curtains at $24.99 for a set and sewing some pom-poms on them.

Ikea RITVA Pair of curtains with tie-backs in white

Here are a few of the pom-pom color ideas I found on Etsy:

3 Yards Of The Sweetest Little Pom Pom Fringe In Pink Sunset

3 Yards Of The Sweetest Little Pom Pom Fringe Edging In Seafoam Green

I'm estimating that I could get the curtains and pom-pom supplies for about $75 for all four curtain panels. I'm also considering these printed curtains from Ikea, which are only $14.99 for a pack of two panels:

Ikea Evior, Pair of Curtains, white/black

I even photoshopped them into my bedroom so I could see what they might look like.

I also found these dot curtains at $29.99 per set at Ikea. I like the polka dots. They remind me of the giant dot curtains from Anthropologie (except in white of course) that I posted very first, above.

Ikea Ninni Figur, Pair of Curtains, white

Now I just have to decide. Oh, and put up the second curtain rod. 

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  1. Joann Fabric has amazing sales and will email you a flier once a week. When I've bought curtain fabric, I've had the store cut each panel to length so I don't have to. Then I can just hem and make the rod pocket.

    You have to watch out, though - sometimes the sales flier is for "one piece" and if they hold you to that, you could only get one panel piece at the sale price. Alternately, if they're not busy, you might ask if you can buy it then use their cutting table to cut the panels.

    It's just hard to cut huge pieces at home, I've found.

    Happy curtain hunting!