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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Dad's Loft/Office/Library Before & After

This is part of a series on my dad's house in Alaska. Read more here. I'll resume 650 square feet posts on my condo when the series is complete.

Let's visit the loft space of my dad's house! To me this is the coolest room. My dad had these really old Lord of the Rings posters from the 1970s just hanging out all rolled up in a closet somewhere. I pulled them out (at his request) and put them in these great, inexpensive frames from Walmart.

Mainstays 24x36 Wide Poster Frame, Black

I tried putting one on the wall here:

But then I realized it would become sun-bleached so I moved it to the stair well. Here's another poster at a different part of the stair well:


And another further down the stairs:

This one is my favorite. These posters are awesome. Like, dad I'm gonna steal them from you awesome.

I grabbed a smaller frame for this Captain America print (notice the light shade hasn't been changed out yet):

Which was perfect for the room chock full of comics. Luckily, Grammie helped me organize them. 

But, before we get to the comics and bookshelves, let's check out the desk. Looking tidy, right?

The new Mad Men desktop background.

And a view of the calendar my boyfriend gave my dad last year.

This is the light shade I decided to use up there. I didn't spray paint these fellas because they're on a separate floor from the living room and I ran out of time. At least everything's consistent within the various rooms. 

Here's a sort of "during" picture:

And here's the main room after all of the organizing was done. Can you believe that is only a fraction of my dad's books and comics? He has the best collection of anyone I know.

Grammie carefully filled up this vintage comic rack with comic books. My dad said this was the exact same kind of comic rack he used to buy comics off of when he was a kid!

On the side of the room opposite from the bookshelf/office room, I setup a reading area at my dad's request. We carried that chair up the stairs ourselves. Ugh.

This is the table I used from Walmart. It doesn't get great reviews, but I thought it was awesome. The drawer works well, too.

Mainstays Cardinal Hill Side Table, Hazelwood

I also added this pharmacy-style floor lamp. I have no idea what pharmacy-style means, but I have a lamp just like this in my house. I like the shape and color.

Here's my dad and Sitka enjoying the area:

Now, dad, all you have to do is actually READ all of those comics. Um...yeah, see you in 100 years!

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  1. I love the picture of Hemingway crouched in the middle of all the boxes and comics. He's thinking "What? This room is just perfect the way it IS! Don't change a thing!"