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Friday, April 13, 2012

The Licorice Chair

Remember this chair in progress? I don't really expect you to remember because it's been about a month! Here it is traveling in the back of the car and not wearing its seatbelt!!!

So the story is that my boyfriend and I were given this little oddly-colored chair from his grandma. We decided to paint it blue as inspired by my infatuation with Chex Mix. Or Cool Ranch Doritos. Whatever.

We were in the paint chip aisle at Lowe's when I saw something that said *Available in Spray Paint on a shade of blue. Hello! Spray paint is the best. So I knew that would be a great choice. The color is Deep Sea Diving, the darkest blue to the right in the picture below.

The spray paint is by Valspar and it was in Glossy. 

Here's a close-up of the product number and name.

First we had to sand the little chair down because it was coated in shiny, slippery shellac. 

Once it was all sanded down, I applied primer (white) to it from another spray paint can.

Then my boyfriend decided to clean up with an especially tiny broom. Good job! He can do stuff!

After the priming was done I began to spray paint the blue color on in light, even coats. Sort of even. Well, not even at all. Light, uneven coats. There we go.

You'll also notice that I took the uncharacteristic precaution of using a drop cloth. That's because it wasn't my driveway. I, for one, would love to have spray paint on my driveway. Spray paint is the best! Let's spray paint everything!

Here is the chair, all done and all blue. 

And I threw him back into the backseat of the car. Again, no seatbelt! How sassy. There's also some sort of creepy hieroglyphics on the bottom. I was instructed not to paint over those. Ok!

Here's the chair in its new home. Recognize the desk??

And now you can see why exactly the blue was a good choice. Because it matches the blue in the bedspread! Yippie.

Oh, and by the way, now that I've seen this blue ombre chair DIY on Design Sponge, my chair is feeling really lame. I may have to give it another makeover. But only if it promises to wear its seatbelt.

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