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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Coffee Tables

Let's talk coffee tables. I want one because my living room is actually pretty big and no other piece of furniture makes better sense for the middle of the room. This is the spot it will go, right in front of the couch:

Here's the cheapest option I've found at $105 from Walmart. I love the style and it's a great deal. I asked a question about it to see if the wood was solid, but it's not (duh). I also wonder if it would roll around a lot since I don't have a living room rug yet.

Better Homes and Gardens Rustic Country Coffee Table, Antiqued Black/Pine Finish

Right now I'm using two nailhead upholstered storage ottomans from Target pushed together with a blanket & tray on top. They basically look like this except a bit darker (I'll add a picture later):

Nailhead Storage Ottoman

West Elm always has super large trays that are perfect for setting on top of ottomans/coffee tables if need be:

West Elm Large Rectangular Lacquer Tray
And here's the blanket (now sold out at Pier 1):

Blue Floral Appliqué Throw from Pier 1

So while that setup works for now, it doesn't provide a very big space and it doesn't fill up the large living room very well. So I'm looking for something larger. The coffee table from Walmart is definitely a bit bigger, but it doesn't provide a place to sit down. I'd like a coffee table that will be the best of both worlds - it will provide a place to sit as well as a stable place to set drinks and food.

So I'm seriously looking at this upholstered ottoman from Target:

Button Tufted Upholstered Ottoman - Sandstone

It comes in many colors (see more here), but I think I like the neutral Sandstone the best. That way I can always add accent colors in less expensive mediums (like pillows) that can be changed on a whim. The upholstered ottoman is much bigger than the Walmart coffee table and it would provide enough room for extra seating as well as room for food & drinks with my large tray set on top of it. 

It costs $329.99 and is on sale for $263.99. With my Target card's free shipping and 5% discount plus a $5 discount from the internet, I can get the ottoman for $265.72 shipped. Here's how that breaks down:

For a total savings of $47.94. It doesn't seem like a terrible price. The ottoman also gets good reviews (you can look at colors other than sandstone in the same style to see more reviews). 

Do any of you have coffee table solutions for your own homes? How did you decide?

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