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Friday, April 6, 2012

Dad's Laundry Room Before & After

This is part of a series on my dad's house in Alaska. Read more here. I'll resume 650 square feet posts on my condo when the series is complete.

Since I was low on time, I figured the best thing I could for the laundry room was to simply straighten up.

At this point, Hemingway and I were in the middle of cleaning (notice the shop-vac). But Hemingway was doing more eating than cleaning, I think.

Here's the laundry room after I straightened up. 

The main additions to the laundry room were for utility purposes. I picked up this laundry basket:

As well as a nice cat food container since the dog was known to get into the bag and eat it all. You can find this guy in the kitchen aisle because technically it's a cereal container. 

I also added a new pet food bowl, similar to the one below. Hemingway didn't even say thank you.

ProSelect Red Bone & Paw Stainless Steel Food & Water Bowl

The laundry room was relatively easy!


  1. Hahaha. I imagine Hemingway with a shopvac walking around on hind legs.

  2. Hemingway tried to give me advice but he just kept demanding mouse-print wallpaper and I was like Hemingway we are not gonna wallpaper! Not this time!