Kitchen Living Room

Friday, April 20, 2012

The Never-Ending List

As recounted in this list, I had a lot of items I wanted to complete back in 2011. Here's a copy of that list with my current thoughts inserted.

  • Sell the washer/dryer that came with the condo and move in the better one from storage - I'm done with this because the new washer/dryer didn't fit so I'm stuck with the old one. I still have to fix the lid latch, however. 
  • Finish replacing the three windows that are left - I haven't finished this item due to money constraints.
  • Insulate the attic - See above.
  • Kitchen remodel including new sink, countertops, and tile backsplash - This is almost done, sans grout!
  • Install a garbage disposal (if the condo association allows it) - It's not allowed because the pipes are too old. 
  • Swap out a few upper kitchen cabinet doors with doors with glass panels - I may or may not do this, to be honest I forgot all about it. 
  • Paint the kitchen/dining rooms - Done, thank you to my boyfriend!
  • Bathroom remodel including new faucets, a new toilet, new tiling on the walls and floor, and potentially convert to a standing shower only - I still want to make some changes to the bathroom, but I am going to stick with a tub/shower combo. 
  • Find someway to seal up the front door better - This still sounds like a good idea. 
  • Sand and stain the hardwood floors - Sounds like a lot of work!

  • And here's the list I made without first looking at my old list above:

    • Purchase & install new pedestal sink faucet
    • Purchase & install new tub/shower faucets
    • Purchase & install medicine cabinet
    • Purchase fabric & sew new curtain for window
    • Purchase & install toilet/move toilet back
    • Purchase & install 2-3 towel rods on back of door
    • Have bathtub inspected (it was leaking out of the overflow)
    • Remove radiator
    Kitchen/Dining Room
    • Install curtain rod
    • Sew curtains from Ikea duvet/pillowcases
    • Purchase & install new light fixture over kitchen
    • Finish grouting the tile
    • Purchase magnetic hooks for oven mitts
    • Replace windows
    • Install curtain rod
    • Purchase rug
    • Build something to set mirror on top of
    • Organize items under bed
    • Finish painting canvas that my boyfriend gave me for my birthday
    • Replace old window
    Living Room
    • Purchase rug
    • Purchase ottoman
    • Recover or paint shoe tray
    • Fix my poor construction of bookshelf
    • Fix floor where someone in the past must have set a potted plant
    Closet/Laundry Room/Hallway
    • Purchase & fix washing machine lid latch
    • Purchase & install new light fixture
    The bolded items happened to be on the original list as well. Well, I still have a lot to do. 


    1. I HIGHLY recommend paying a professional to refinish the wood floors.

      I also need a rug -- for the platform at church. I once went to a Shaw employee sale that was FABULOUS (I got our living room rug for just $75! If you've started pricing rugs, you'll recognize that as an insanely low price.). Will have to check with Carmen and see if another employee sale is coming up that she could take us to. The problem is, I haven't spoken to Carmen for SO long...

    2. Wow, yes $75 for a large rug is a deal. I don't want to refinish the floors myself. But I have been doing some grouting myself...I'll post it soon!