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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Dad's Guest Bathroom Before & After

This is part of a series on my dad's house in Alaska. Read more here. I'll resume 650 square feet posts on my condo when the series is complete.

I didn't take a single "before" picture of the guest bathroom. So I'll just have to show you what it looks like now. Since this isn't a space my dad uses, I didn't spend much time here. I just wanted to throw a few updates in to make it nice for guests. I really concentrated on the basics since my dad already had the real basics: soap, towels, trash can, toilet bowl cleaner, and toilet paper/holder. I added a shower curtain, toothbrush holder, and small rug. I wanted to brighten up the small room so I went with an aqua color scheme.

First I added this very basic sugar pourer from Walmart for $1 with the lid removed. It served as an inexpensive toothbrush holder since "Official" toothbrush holders usually cost around $10. 

Next I added an allen + roth shower curtain from Lowe's plus liner. The liner can be thrown away and replaced or washed in the washing machine when it gets dirty. In case you haven't noticed, I really enjoyed the allen + roth line at Lowe's. The line has great, high quality pieces that are very affordable and stylish. I love shower curtains because you can get them in such great patterns and colors. It's like adding a huge, super cheap piece of art to the wall. 

allen + roth Ashbury Aqua Fabric Shower Curtain

Here it is in the room!

I added simple silver shower curtain rings as an inexpensive upgrade from the cheap plastic variety.

My last touch was a basic rug, also from the allen + roth line. The official color of the rug is "teal," but it matched the aqua shower curtain perfectly.

allen + roth 17" x 24" Teal Cotton Bath Rug

Now the guest bathroom is functional and pretty...well...cute. (Sorry, dad.)


  1. What?? You didn't use the sugar pourer lid as a soup dish?? heh.

    Clever girl!

  2. I didn't. But somewhere in dad's house is a sugar lid that will probably be there forever. I should have thrown it away!

  3. I like the shower curtain, a lot.

  4. Thanks. I thought the shower curtain would work well because I didn't have any time to spend on the room so I needed something bold, and fast.