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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Super Tall Nightstands

Have you ever tried to find a really tall nightstand? It's a pain. A REAL PAIN! Sure, they're out there. And they're usually called Telephone tables. I think because telephone tables are designed to be tall so you can stand up next to them and comfortably answer the phone. I had to have a tall nightstand because my boyfriend's (this is not for my condo) bed is super tall. Nightstands under 29" need not apply.

Here's an example of what I'm talking about at World Market:

Darby Phone Stand

Cute, right? And it even has a little drawer and everything. But it costs $109.99. Hold the phone! No really, hold the phone table. The nightstand had to be just as tall as the table above though because my boyfriend's bed is really high off the ground. Annoyingly so.

After searching at about a bazillion places including Target and Ikea for an affordable super tall table, I was out of luck. Then I decided to just go ahead and try Walmart. I found this guy which is, um, exactly like the the World Market table. For $89.

Knob Hill Tall Side Table in Antique Cherry
AND THEN, I found this guy for $29:

Rosewood Tall End Wood Table in Coffee Brown
Short story even shorter, I did's site-to-store and picked it up a few days later. Perfect. I just had to assemble it and pick out a lamp and lampshade. So I headed over to Target. I liked these choices:

And I ended up going with this one for $9.99:

White Resin Stacked Lamp Base, Small

 The lamp base isn't actually sold online, but at the link above Target does provide a "Find in Store" feature. I couldn't find the lampshade at all online.

The lamp set cost about $20 total. So for less than half the price of one table from World Market, I had a nightstand and cute lamp!

And that is why we shop around, my friends!


  1. I have that lamp base from Target in the larger size and with a teal base on my desk at work - with seashells glued all around a similar shade - I love it!

    Thanks for inviting us to your birthday party last night - we had a fun time. I especially enjoyed meeting and talking to Suzanne.

    1. I know you do this stuff all of the time! Where's your DIY blog??

  2. I could tell she liked you too.