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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Dinner Bell!

Some of my most magical childhood memories are from visiting my grandparents' cabin. They have a great place in Alaska complete with rowboat, swings, fire pit, trails, and more. Although all of those items involve fun activities, there are many little details that make it special as well like my grammie's flowers, little paths made of rocks, and a feature I've always especially liked - a dinner bell. In case you don't know what a dinner bell is, it's a bell that you ring so that everyone scattered around the area knows it's time for dinner! My grammie is a very good cook, so you better come running when you hear that bell.

In honor of the cabin, I knew I wanted my own dinner bell. It doesn't have much practical use in 650 square feet of space, but I like it anyway.

And if you've read this blog before, you know I love to share where I buy things so that you can buy the same items for your home. But this guy was from an antique store, so I don't have the foggiest as to where to find one like it. You might try or or maybe your own local antique store. The one I went to was the kind with many different vendors setup. The bell cost about $25, but I purchased it with the Shop Local American Express campaign for $20 so I got it for $5 + tax. Not a bad deal for a bell in good shape that still feels nice and old. Eventually I'd like to paint the screw head black to match the hardware finish. 

I also added another little kitchen detail, this teacup hook from Urban Outfitters. Unfortunately I bought it awhile ago on clearance for just a few dollars, so it isn't available anymore.

Urban Outfitters Teacup Hook

Notice that the tiling is complete! All that's left is grouting. Stay tuned for that post soon.

The good news is that my apron is still available at Anthropologie.

Tea-and-Crumpets Apron in Gold

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  1. I hadn't see the teacup hook - very cute.

    A word about painting the screw head black - black sharpie. Voila! If it's too shiny looking I think you can just smudge it up with your finger after it dries.

    I have lots of sweet cabin memories too. Do you remember that Grammie and G'pa B bought the cabin the same week Ben was born? I think it truly was intended to be a place for their grandchildren.